Officially, RomiCore agency was established in 2020, but our story started already 9 years ago.
The idea to set up a digital marketing agency was born after many years of working in large e-commerce. We always put quality of actions and projects in the first place and constantly invested in development of our knowledge, which resulted in building a strong team.
Over time, we came to the conclusion that we needed to unleash our potential and set out for the new - and at the same time, the already familiar, as each of us pursued various marketing projects as freelancers outside of work.
We decided to combine our passions and years of experience into one core - that's how RomiCore agency was created.
The name RomiCore is not a coincidence - it reflects what we focus on most in our daily work.
ROMI - Return On Marketing Investments - stands for Return on Marketing Investments.
We prove to our clients that money spent not only increases sales of goods and services, but also increases brand recognition. In our agency we work with an attitude of return on investment. We select our activities in such a way as to achieve the best possible profits in the shortest possible time.
CORE - or "core" - is the stable foundation that provides security.
Our core is experience in achieving business results. We do not want to be a "creative" agency in name only - there are many such agencies on the market. We, apart from creativity, are able to boast of concrete effects of our work.
More than 60 companies from various industries have already trusted us.

Our head office

We work in modern office space located near the centre of Białystok.

Contact details

Romicore Sp. z o.o.
ul. Warszawska 107/3
15-201 Białystok

797 526 853

NIP: 5423407266
REGON: 386832218