Thanks to the effectiveness of our actions, we have received Allegro ADS Partner + status, which defines us as specialists experienced in running and optimising advertising campaigns. We guarantee that your business is in good hands.

Do you want to develop your business? We will help you! With us you will reach more customers and create an attractive image of your company. Together we will develop a strategy that is individually tailored to the specifics of your brand.

Allegro ADS advertising opportunities

Sponsored offers are displayed in response to a user’s enquiry, i.e. in such a way as to arouse the user’s interest in your offer. By displaying your offers in the most popular places on Allegro, you have a greater chance of reaching potential customers, and thus increasing sales.

Where are the adverts displayed?

In the Allegro search results

(including the first two items)

In the left column next to the search results

On the offer page

Graphic Allegro Ads is an opportunity to build your image on Allegro and gain customer interest at the same time. You can bet on advertising your brand and building its image on Allegro.

Where are the adverts displayed?

At the top and bottom of the Allegro search results page

At the bottom of the offer page under the „About the seller” section

On the left hand side of the search results page

The advertising network in Allegro Ads gives you the possibility of advertising your offers on external sites, such as Google or Facebook.

Where are the adverts displayed?

Allegro Facebook ADS – If a user types in a phrase related to the product you offer in Google and clicks on an advertisement for your offer, he/she will be directed to its page on Allegro.

Allegro Google ADS – displayed are listings that a buyer has previously viewed but has not completed a transaction. Offers most similar to them may also be displayed, if the system decides that they are of interest to the buyer and can be clicked on. After clicking on your ad on Facebook, the customer will be redirected back to your offer on Allegro.

Our Allegro offer

Do you want to manage your account yourself and only need guidance? Or would you like the peace of mind and comfort of having your account looked after by specialists? In response to our customers’ needs, we offer packages so you can choose the range of services you care most about.

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