Planning & Strategy

Preparing a marketing strategy is quite a challenge. Above all, it requires planning skills, foresight and experience in conducting digital marketing activities. We will develop a unique strategy for your brand - we know how to do it well! After all, the success of the entire company depends on its effectiveness. We specialise in SWOT analysis of the brand, identification of the target group, definition of key objectives and planning of the marketing communication.

Branding & Design

A recognisable brand is the goal to which every company aspires. We build a brand image that reflects the essence of the company. We create visual identification from: logo design, business cards, folders and leaflets, to large format projects such as banners / billboards, flags, roll-up banners, posters, or mesh nets.

Digital Marketing

A key prerequisite for a successful marketing effort is nothing less than knowing your customer. A milestone towards understanding them better is to know their experiences and behaviour. We will help you to recreate the processes that a customer experiences when visiting your website and prepare an analysis of their individual activities. In this way, you will learn which areas to improve - with our support, of course!
Our many years of experience have taught us about effective marketing. Effective" is not just an empty phrase in this case.
- Social Media & Ads
- Campaigns in the Google ecosystem
- PPC campaigns
- Affiliate marketing
- E-mail marketing


Creation of websites and online shops

We carry out e-commerce projects from the conception of a shop's functioning to the stage of implementation and configuration of a shop according to needs:
- company websites
- image websites
- web shops
- landing pages
We begin the process of designing a website by talking to the client and analysing their needs in the presentation of the company. The discussed and planned details are implemented starting from hosting through server configuration for the planned website and project preparation, ending with cosmetic corrections by our graphic design department.

Administration of online shops

A website - as a business card of every company should be efficiently and effectively managed. We provide full, comprehensive care and optimisation of our shops, as well as offering ongoing cooperation with existing projects, including international ones. The scope of our administration services is determined individually, depending on your needs, which we analyse in order to provide you with an optimal solution.

Management and optimisation of Marketplace sales

We manage online sales on the Allegro website. We introduce and configure new accounts, create product descriptions, edit auction titles and complete parameters.
We also offer marketing services: we create Allegro ADS campaigns, implement auction highlighting and bargain zones based on market analysis and sales results.
In addition, we provide consultancy services, training and conduct sales audits. We will answer all your questions related to selling on Allegro.

Advice and audits

What lies behind a company's online success? The right marketing tools, the right way to communicate and, of course, the right strategy. Without a solid plan, a company risks losing both time and money. So... if the funds allocated for marketing are wasted, and the expected results are not visible on the horizon, it is high time to conduct a professional audit and a thorough analysis of current activities.

Cost optimisation

The amount of budget you want to spend on marketing is entirely up to you. You can spend your funds without limit, buying new sessions and wandering around looking for your target audience. This can be really effective as long as your goal is... to declare bankruptcy quickly. However, if you want your budget to be spent efficiently, we will develop an effective cost optimisation strategy for you. Thanks to it, you will achieve ROMI faster than you expect.


Every product needs good information on the Internet. Product descriptions are an essential part of the content of an online shop - they have a huge impact on sales, encourage the consumer to visit the shop again. We deal with copywriting for e-commerce purposes in the form of product descriptions and product categories.
We also run company blogs and create texts for websites, which are an important component of marketing activities.

Our head office

We work in modern office space located near the centre of Białystok.

Contact details

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